Fed up with Notion?
Don't yeet your MacBook. Take a breath and grab a cold one. I got it from here.
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Who the heck am I? An expert Notion designer and your new best friend
Howdy. 👋🤠
I'm Heather Jones.
I'm a professional designer,
software quality engineer,
award-winning author,
& information architect.
I do Notion better than anyone else.
I'm a Notion Expert and obsessed enthusiast.
I've built countless projects and thousands of pages.
Specialties include:
  • Notion Custom CMS
  • Notion Relational Databases
  • Notion Knowledge Management
  • Notion Solopreneur Systems
  • Notion Automations
I'm certified, educated, and experienced.
  • Notion Essentials Badge
  • Notion Settings & Sharing Badge
  • Notion Advanced - In Progress
Experiences & education:
  • Masters in Publishing
  • Studied UI/UX Design, Business, Management Information Systems
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Software Product Designer
  • Award-winning Author
Expert Notion Setup Services, Notion Consulting, & Notion Training
Just about anything you need to build your perfect Notion setup or fix Notion.
Notion Setup
Let's be real: Notion is complicated. You ain't got time for that.
But I do, and I love it. Let's craft your perfect Notion workspace, tailored to your wants & needs.
  • Simple or intricate to your taste
  • Designed w/ best IA principles
Notion Repair
The intern built it. You've been trying to use it. It's a total disaster. 🛠️
Been there, fixed that. Let's look at what's working, what isn't, and what your ideal workflows are.
  • Identify lowest-effort workflows
  • Designed w/ best IA principles
Notion Maintenance
Notion is complex. You're trying to maintain it. You're feeling super 🤬🤬🤬
I gotchu. Add new templates and automations or clean up databases…or whatever the hell the intern did.
  • Repairs, updates, changes
  • Live support in Slack, etc
Notion Automation
Streamline your workflows with custom Notion automations. 🥂🦾
Stop doing the boring work. Free your time to do the creative, thoughtful, in-depth work only YOU can do (and do well).
  • Database update triggers
  • Email, browser extensions
  • Slack notifications
Notion Training
Master Notion through DELIGHTFUL coaching and workshops 🤩
Take it from a trainer. Once upon a time, I was a Microsoft Certified Trainer and taught week-long courses at Boeing. #1 Trainer of the Year.
  • Individual coaching
  • Conference talks
  • Corporate training
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Notion Portfolio

Some Notion projects I've built over the years since I discovered Notion in 2018. Images are redacted or blurred to protect customer confidentiality. Web3 PR Agency Notion TYPE Workflow & Info Management, CRM, CMS SERVICES SETUP, REPAIR, MIGRATION, MAINTENANCE, TRAINING SIZE Large DATABASES 15 FEATURES Custom PR Client CRM Google Sheets migration Team Homepages Visual appeal++ USERS 25, newbies & regular users HVAC/R Research Startup Notion TYPE Workflow & Info Management SERVICES SETUP SIZE Medium DATABASES 5 USERS 6, newbies & experts FEATURES Scalable for projects++ Scalable for users++ Detailed Wiki Solopreneur Dashboard Notion TYPE Info Management, CRM, CMS SERVICES SETUP, REPAIR SIZE Large DATABASES 25 USERS 2, experts FEATURES Solopreneur, multi-biz Global resources DB Visual appeal++ Self-Published Author Notion TYPE Workflow Management, CMS, CRM SIZE Small DATABASES 3 PROJECTS 5 FEATURES Manuscript CMS Publishing Cal & CRM Financial Review USERS 1, newbie

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Professional designer,
software quality engineer,
award-winning author,
& information architect.
Better than everyone else.
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  • Notion Repair
  • Notion Maintenance
  • Notion Automation
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